Motorized Stage 

    Suitable for most major brand microscopes.
    Fine Special Screw, Stepping Motor, Limit Switch, RS-232C Adaptor.
    The characteristic of DMC and DFI series motorized stage of microscope as the following:

     Stage for Upright and Invert Microscope
    1.The outside looking is smart and popular, and the stage is elegant and beautiful design. The stage can be matched with some famous brand’s microscope perfectly. While the DMC series motorized stage of microscope is easy to be interchange.                                                                  
    2. Computer software control: The computer software can control the stage in X/Y and Z direction by the controller. So it can realize the function of multi-view field auto-moving and auto focusing, as well as auto picture, auto return and auto control etc;
    3. Joystick control: fully motorized stage moving and focusing can also be controlled by the joystick via the controller. In the future we will offer other control like the signal control and so on.
    4. Hand-control: Beside motorized control our stage provide hand control knob which maintain the habit of hand control for some customer.
    5. The max- edge setting: the both side of the stage, they has the max- edge setting which make sure the safety of sample. 

我们提供的倒置电动平台可以用在各种规格和型号的倒置金相和倒置生物显微镜上, 客户在需要电动平台时只需要提供显微镜的品牌和型号就可以。 特别的, 我们公司在配套像尼康,奥林帕斯,蔡司,徕卡和国内主要品牌,我们有着丰富的经验。




平台尺寸 :                    270x214mm

移动范围 :                   120x100mm